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    Fire safety. First aid and CPR. Home security. Safety in your car. Emergency preparedness. We made these complex topics simple, but we didn't dumb them down. Expect a brief lesson in your email inbox everyday that is designed to be easy to understand.

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  • As a 79 year old woman who still goes shopping by myself, I practice the confidence your course teaches, a reserved friendliness. But I go out of my way to skirt around any male or males that seems to be loitering in the parking lot. I love your tips and your emails have helped to keep me vigilant and aware! Thank you.
    Stella Smith
  • I enjoyed your 30 day course. All of the material you covered were good, solid options. We can "what if?" for days on end. But we all need a foundation from which to build - you gave us a solid bedrock. Thank you.
    Jack Mann